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The Women s Rights Movement - 1813 Words

Over a hundred years ago, one event created chaos among gender roles and here are some of the initial factors of how rights for women started as a predicament which later began to evolve into a much larger problem that involved many people around the nations. Over the course of history, many issues had change the world to what it has become today. Many problems led to social, economic, and other changes. One small event is able to cause more obstacles, which eventually leads to larger complications. Even though society had tried to resolve these issues, they still encountered many hardships that were disruptive to their own perspectives as also for other people within the community. Thus, this was an important issue because it had changed†¦show more content†¦These issues had impacted mostly on women because they were all expected to work at home, also in factories only, since it was one of the best attributes for them. In the past few hundred years, many men thought that wo men were weak or fragile that women should not be allowed to work the same jobs as men. In the men s perspectives, women were not capable of performing any of difficult that the men do because if women were able to do those, it would seem unmanly for them. Also, it makes the men looks much weaker and not as smart as they are, which is why women could not have equal rights as men. As time went on, women had slowly been given the opportunity to work the same jobs as men, but did not receive the same amount of pay. It was unfair for women to work for such a low wage. No matter how hard they tried to do the same as men, they did not get as much and had a much lesser amount of everything in comparison to men. On the year of 2009 of January 29, our previous president, Barack Obama signed a legislature known as, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The case was first filed to court because the name of the woman, Lilly Ledbetter had found out that her employer was paying her less than the men even though they were working at the same job. â€Å"To make sure that people can effectively challenge unequal pay, the law President Obama signed shortly after taking office amended the Civil Rights Act of 1964 so that unfair pay complaints can beShow MoreRelatedThe Women s Rights Movement702 Words   |  3 Pagesthat the women’s rights movement in the United States failed to accomplish its goals in the early –mid 19th century because the slavery issue was never resolved is unfounded. In the early-mid 19th century, women began to demand change in American society, as they challenged the traditional roles of women politically, socially, and economically. - political, social, and economic change {Challenged the traditional views of women - pushed the boundaries – public sphere/life of women changed dramaticallyRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement874 Words   |  4 Pages1848 to 1920, the women’s rights movement demonstrated the first true act of feminism, founded by a group of women rights activists to combat against women’s suffrage in the United States. By the 1960’s radical feminists also known as the woman’s liberation movement once again took up the fight for equality amongst men and woman, yet by the late 1990’s early 2000’s it had begun to change, losing its primary focus of fighting for a woman’s right, and becoming a burden on women today. The blowback fromRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement1659 Words   |  7 Pagesmen and women, the women’s rights movement in Pakistan has just begun. People are starting to protest against discriminations that women face in their daily lives that disable them from having a voice in society. Some of these discriminations involve men being able to divorce their wives without her consent, women’s voices having half the weight of a man’s in court, and female heirs inheriting less money or property than a male heir (â€Å"Sharia†, 9). Groups like the Pakistani Women’s Rights OrganizationRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement Essay987 Words   |  4 Pagesthat occurs is that women were never given the opportunity to voice their opinion on what kind of job that they should do. In addition, voting at this point of time for women was quite impractical. The wartime was a difficult time for women who wanted to capitalize on an opportunity. They wanted a job to prove to men that they are much stronger. However, there was hope when the U.S. woman’s rights movement began. A woman by the name of Elizabeth Cady Stanton started the movement at Seneca Falls, NewRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement1366 Words   |  6 PagesW omen’s Rights Movement The equality women have today did not just happen over night.In this passage there will be evidence of an impowering fight that women over came to say WE ARE IMPORTANT TO!! All the brave strong women that fought this battle, along with the obstacles women still face today.Also the surprising fact that women’s rights also consists of racism and sexual orientation.This movement was necessary, and is truly an accomplishment in history. The first outbreak of confidentRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement1091 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican history, women have constantly been suppressed. It was believed overall that women were not supposed to work, but to stay home, cook, clean, make clothes, and take care of the child(ren). Basically, a woman was considered her husband’s property. It was not until 1920s that women were finally able to get the rights they deserve, such as birth control, new divorce laws, and ultimately the right to vote, which was the main focus of the Women’s Rights Movement. This movement consisted of manyRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement1547 Words   |  7 PagesFlorida SouthWestern State College The Women’s Rights Movement What was the significance of the Seneca Falls Convention on the Women’s Rights Movement? Jennifer Flores AMH2010 Mr. Stehlin 16 November 2015 The Women’s Rights Movement began in 1848 with the first assembly of women and men gathering to discuss the civil, social, and other conditions of women. The Seneca Falls Convention was the start of the women’s movement. The two women who organized this event were Lucretia Mott andRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement1420 Words   |  6 Pageswomen’s rights movement in the United States in the early –mid 19th century did not fail to accomplish its goals, as slavery was not an issue women wanted to resolve (address?) In the early-mid 19th century, some women began to demand change in American society (as they challenged the traditional roles of women politically, socially, and economically?) -political, social, and economic change {challenged the traditional views of women - pushed the boundaries – public sphere/life of women changedRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement1620 Words   |  7 Pageshas improved over the last several years in the broader culture and by police, self-blame and shame has persisted among victims, leaving them just as unwilling to come forward.†(Gray. para. 10) The women’s rights movement is still going strong, and there have been major accomplishments for women within the last several decades. In 1968, the fair housing act made it no longer possible for a woman to be turned down by a landlord based solely on her being female. In 1986, the legal definition of ‘sexualRead MoreThe Women s Rights Movement881 Words   |  4 PagesThe Women’s Rights Movement, 1848–1920 1. â€Å"The first gathering devoted to women’s rights in the United States was held July 19–20, 1848, in Seneca Falls, New York.† 2. Principal organizers : Elizabeth Cady Stanton (a mother of four, the Quaker, abolitionist ) 3. Social and institutional barriers that limited women’s rights: family responsibilities, a lack of educational and economic opportunities, and the absence of a voice in political debates. 4. Stanton and Anthony created the National Woman

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My Life From Teaching Dance Camps - 932 Words

Most individuals wake up in the morning to go to work because it’s something they have to do. People do things only because they have to be done. A lot of people don’t know their why, or why it is they do what they do. Simon Sinek (2009), the author of the book Start With Why, states, â€Å"Very few people can clearly articulate why they do what they do.† This shocked me. My why is simple. I love to help people, and I learned this at a young age. I have followed my why in many areas of my life from teaching dance camps to young girls and helping them aspire to become great dancers, to volunteering my summer vacation at a nursing home and hosting activities for the residents. The one thing that really comes to mind when I’m asked how I followed my why, and where I feel I made the most impact on influencing the lives of others, is when I volunteered my time at an organization called Junior Achievement. Volunteering at Junior Achievement allowed me to inspire the youth. This was important to me because our youth is the future of this nation and having a positive impact on their lives at a young age can lead them to great success. Junior Achievement is an organization that allows individuals to volunteer their time through a program of 5 to 10 weeks, to teach kids from pre-kindergarten to 12th, grade on a weekly basis in underfunded schools districts. Junior Achievement’s purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. I was given the opportunity toShow MoreRelatedEssay on Health Promotion Teaching Plan1307 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Health Promotion Teaching Plan Anita Moore Jacksonville University School of Nursing June 17, 2012 Health Promotion Teaching Plan My emphasis in this assignment is to develop, implement, and assess a teaching plan concentrated on good nutrition and daily exercise for school age children. The early years are a critical time for founding good eating habits and attitude about food and exercise. Children who areRead MoreChildren Can Experience Prejudice Behaviour And Approaches During Their Young Age884 Words   |  4 Pageswhether the children are from diverse cultural backgrounds or not† (child Australia, 2014, p.7). I understand from the above statement that Indigenous approaches are related regardless of whether the children are from indigenous cultural backgrounds or not. I also found to be aware of that before passing on my own personal values and attitudes of indigenous cultural competence to the children through utilizing language, materials, activities, curriculum preferences and my interaction with others duringRead MoreThe Ministry Initiative : Aboriginal Perspectives Essay936 Words   |  4 P agesIssues. By unpacking the initiative it is easy for educators to navigate through the report. Group’s Observations from Practicum and Learning When I was 14 I went to camp and made friends with a girl in my cabin. Throughout the week she told me that she lived on a reserve and I was so excited to be meeting a real life First Nations person. I continued by asking her if she knows how to dance in the pretty dresses with the feathers and if her older brother got to go to college for free. She laughed andRead MoreFinal Paper Juvenile Justice956 Words   |  4 Pagesprograms is the local Boys and Girls Club of Henderson County and the D.A.R.E. Program of Henderson County. I decided to write about local programs because it would give me the opportunity to learn more about juvenile delinquency prevention programs within my own community. Both programs are a huge staple within Henderson County and are two of the most important juvenile delinquency prevention programs within Henderson County. First I will report about the local Boys and Girls Club within Henderson CountyRead MoreMusic Is Not Just Something That Sounds Amazing1069 Words   |  5 Pagessomething that feels amazing. Teaching people about music and how to make music feels fantastic. Directing a band is more work than it seems. As a band director you are a teacher, an orchestrator, a fundraiser, and most importantly, a role model. Many students in band look up to their directors because they spend so much time with them having fun occasionally. I personally, looked up to my band directors a great deal because they offered me guidance and friendship in exchange for my hard work and dedicationRead MoreMusic Is Something That Has Inspired Me Since The Age Of 4 Years Old945 Words   |  4 PagesMusic is something that has inspired me since the age of 4 years old. My parents would recall me always setting up pots and pans from the kitchen into the living room to bang on with my first pair of drumsticks. Playing the Drums has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. My love and passion for Percussion instruments is the main reason why I want to pursue a career in teaching middle school and high school level Percussion students. The Job description of a Music Director isRead MoreA Problem That Exists In Today’S Society Is Obesity. David1264 Words   |  6 Pagessometimes suffer from mental and emotional abuse through bullying and personal insecurities (Caprio, 2006). Actions such as better diet, supported family and social life, and an increase in physical activity could help the children suffering from obesity and decrease the number that are diagnosed. This issue speaks to me because I am a Dance Major which requires me to participate in a lot of physical activity daily and maintain a balanced diet. I am looking to use my degree in Dance after I graduateRead More Dances With Wolves Analysis Essays2123 Words   |  9 PagesDances With Wolves Analysis The movie Dances With Wolves was produced in 1990 and directed by Kevin Costner who starred as the main character. Dances with Wolves tells us the story of a white man who gets acquainted with the Sioux, who learns to love and respect them as valuable people with a culture and who discovers how wrong white peoples preconceived ideas about Native Americans are. A sense of adventure and drama is the feeling Dances with Wolves gives us. With this movieRead MoreMedicine Is Not Just Been My Career Choice814 Words   |  4 PagesI grabbed my mini stethoscope and hurried downstairs to observe an impressive array of tasks to save lives. Though, I was a child, it was not the first time I had seen a critical patient with a busy medical crew around. I grew up in a hospital where both my parents worked full-time. Gradually I started imbibing the quintessential values of a medical career to the point when helping others was no longer an act, but a way of living life. This is why I believe, medicine has not just been my career choiceRead MoreRites of Passage: The Journey to Adulthood1126 Words   |  5 PagesRites of Passage: The Journey to Adulthood The dictionary defines rites of passage as ceremonies that mark important transitional periods in a person’s life. It usually involves rituals and teachings that help shed their old roles and prepares them for their new roles. Although all boys and girls will go through a rite of passage to be considered an adult, the path they will take will differ greatly. The common point I have found them all to have is the age range at which this usually occurs

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How Big Is My World - 1261 Words

How big is my world? Everyone says that Holland, or Hope College, is a bubble. In someway I can agree with that statement, but I also know that because there are other things out there, it is just a stepping-stone to find out about the world. I have been lucky enough to been able to live in a safe world due to my parents, but I have also been given the chance to explore what is out there. Some of the ways that have given me a chance to understand how big the world is around me are through two different roommate situations, previous experiences, and thinking big picture. Over the past four years, I have had many different roommates, who all come with a different backstory. It is through them that I have been given the chance to realize that my world had been bigger than theirs. My freshman year roommate was from Michigan, went to a Christian school, and was valedictorian. My high school experience was the exact opposite, Indiana, public school, and not number 1 in my class. Our experi ences were very different as she excelled in classes like religion and cultural heritage as her school focused on those, but the science classes we took together I did a lot better. This helped me see the world from understanding her background as she knew the more hypothetical and questioning aspect whereas I knew the facts of what was around me. Though our experience together, I became to realize how our educational experiences shaped us into how we saw the world. Not only did she change howShow MoreRelatedHow Big Is My World? Essay2269 Words   |  10 PagesHow big is my world? Another pile of my life view is finding the pieces that explain how big my world is. Everyone says that Holland, or Hope College, is a bubble. In someways I can agree with that statement, but I also know that because there are other places around me, Holland is just a stepping-stone to find out about the world. I have been lucky enough to be able to live in a safe world due to my parents, but I have also been given the chance to explore what is out there. Some of the ways thatRead MoreUses of Personality Testing968 Words   |  4 PagesReinhold Cognitive Style Inventory, and the Big Five inventory which assesses the Big Five Personality Traits. Finally, it will examine the convergent validity of these two inventories. The MBTI sorts people into groups based on their preferences for mental processes and mental orientations (Reinhold, 2011). Reinhold explains that there are two mental processes for which people have preferences. The first is how we take in information, and the second is how we make decisions. According to the MBTIRead MoreMy Family Essay936 Words   |  4 PagesMy family is very important to my identity and to me. Lauryn londyn , my baby sister is my favorite sibling. I cant really say why maybe its because shes a baby or because shes the cutest baby in the world. She really affects my life because i feel like if it wasnt for her i wouldnt really bond with my other siblings. She brings my family together. When she walks or even try and talk everyone in the house wants to see. I wouldnt go in my parents room or come out my room if lauryns not aroundRead MoreThe Little Things733 Words   |  3 Pagesdon’t really notice how many small things there are that can have a positive effect. Small things on their own aren’t much, but when you start to add them up they can become something huge. For instance, playing fetch with my Labrador Buddy, or giving in to that craving of chocolate and enjoying every bite are very small things in the grand scheme of things, but take either out of my life and it would be a tragedy. Every once in a while something happens that is clearly a big good thing, but theyRead MoreSymbolism In Hemingways The Old Man And The Sea1488 Words   |  6 PagesHow The Old Man and the Sea’s Symbol’s Relate to Me I always thought the Ocean was a dark and dangerous place, however Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea showed me that the Ocean is an environment that has many symbolic meanings which relate to many people’s lives. Each part of the Ocean represents something in real life and can be used to tell many stories. Throughout my life, I encountered many hardships and challenges similar, but on a smaller scale to the main character of the novel, SantiagoRead MoreMy Move to America Essay1178 Words   |  5 PagesMy story starts in the year of 2003, when I decided to follow up on my dreams and go to a far-away land, called America. My journey is full of surprises and new discoveries of a world so different from the one I am leaving behind, with its own culture and beliefs. This is the story of a young lady and her first encounter with a new society, her first time away from home and family. It was not an easy decision to leave everybody and everything behind, but I wanted so muchRead MoreThe Drawbacks Of Globalization920 Words   |  4 PagesCatch† and the article â€Å"How Sushi Went Global† by Theodore C. Bester, will explain in more detail why I am believe globalization benefits the world as a whole, a I am totally sold on globalization because of the drawbacks it does have. The video, â€Å"Where’s the Catch† talks about a big drawback for me on why globalization is hurting poor countries. In the video it emphasizes how fisherman in poorer countries are losing business, jobs, as well as food because of globalization. Big fisherman boats, andRead MoreHow Technology Has Changed Our Business917 Words   |  4 Pagesliving in a rapidly changing world. It’s amazing how digital transformation reshapes every aspect of business. Decision-makers should always be asking themselves: What’s new? What’s next? What’s better? What technological trends will impact our business? How might the way we work, hire and collaborate change in the future? These are the questions that need to be asked inside organizations because the industries of the future, driven by artificial intelligence, robots, big data, the Internet of ThingsRead MoreMy Paper On Natural Capital1424 Words   |  6 Pages My paper on natural capital was written i n response to an essay written by Paul G. Hawkins about natural capital. The essay discusses problems like human waste and states that we should be able to fix the problem by recycling better and trying to reduce the waste humans produce. This is a big problem that we as a society face today that needs to be fixed. Another problem that we have with natural capital is poverty and how it is affecting us and our everyday lives. I suggested that we try to makeRead MoreThe Big Five Personality Theory1186 Words   |  5 Pagescontext. The primary goal of psychology is to gain a true knowledge and understanding of how and why individuals of all ages and genders behave the way they do. A popular worldwide theory is called The Big Five Personality Theory. This world-renowned theory of understanding ones personality traits has been revolutionary towards understanding the minds of people all over the world and from all backgrounds. The Big Five Personality Theory is based on five main traits which include neuroticism, agreeableness

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Analysis Of St. George s The Dragon Falls - 2852 Words

A fair maiden walks solemnly through the city gates, away from her family, her home, and everything she has ever known. She begins to weep as she heads down the dusty dirt road, towards a large pond, the home of the treacherous dragon that terrorized the surrounding cities. Just before she reaches the pond, a man in glimmering silver armor rides up to her on a majestic white steed. He calls out to her and asks why she weeps. The distraught girl warns him of the dragon of the pond, begging him to flee before it is too late. The man, the mighty St. George, refuses her request just as a thundering roar fills the air. Before their eyes, the fearsome dragon rears out of the water, bellowing his rage to the skies. Saint George charges†¦show more content†¦While it is likely that the dragon-slaying is merely an embellishment on St. George’s true tale, what are the limits of the fiction revolving around this legend? Did St. George receive credit for another man’s triumph? Did anybody ever slay the dragon in Silene, Libya (where St. George was said to have slain the dragon)? Was there ever a dragon in Silene? Were there ever dragons anywhere in the world? Tales of the mighty reptilian beasts known as Dragons can be found all over the world from all throughout history. The origin of dragons is unknown, although there are legends that can be traced to approximately 5,000 B.C. (Owens). These legends have appeared independently all over the Earth, with variations of course, but still enough similarity to be clearly identified as the same creatures. Although the modern world no longer fears dragons as the dangerous creatures lurking in the hidden corners of the world, should their existence be dismissed entirely? The Earth has held many equally monstrous creatures, from the 60 ft. shark Megalodon (Patton) to the 50 ft. snake Titanoboa (Gowan) or even the recently discovered 130 ft. titanosaur (currently unnamed) (Frizell). Compared to oth er creatures that have roamed the Earth, dragons may seem no less believable however, (I) although dragons appeared independently and simultaneously across the globe, they did so with many physical and behavioral differences (II) nowadays dragons have faded into mythology,

Developing the Employee, Developing the Company ¾ Free Essays

The world of business is changing everyday. New trends, new markets, and new ideas open to a more competitive business setting, requiring companies to keep themselves at par with the others. One way for companies to do this is to support professional continuing education for their employees. We will write a custom essay sample on Developing the Employee, Developing the Company  ¾ or any similar topic only for you Order Now However, given hectic schedules, corporate deadlines, and the steep price tag attached to professional continuing education, many employees think twice before taking up professional courses—but not when companies are willing to help. To compete, companies must open themselves to professional development strategies for their employees which can be made possible through educational funding and time management support. It is understandable for some firms to feel uncomfortable about spending for their employees’ college tuition fees. For one, manpower piracy is a reality in business and when this happens to an employee whose education was funded by the company, it is an automatic loss for the firm. Also, employees may not be able to balance work and education at the same time; and when the employee loses grip on either of the two it is the company who loses in the end. Still, strategic planning and compromise can help the company help the employees with their desire to continue their education while overcoming these fears and risks. In a survey done in Boston, more companies are again willing to pay for their employees’ continuing college education after the trend declined years back. (DeMarco, 2005) This is not surprising. Now, more than ever, companies know that professional education gives a holistic effect to their companies. While uplifting the lives of employees through education, companies receive a lot of perks and privileges just by sending their employees to school again. Multiple Benefits Strategic funding of professional education among employees allows them to take courses for free or at a discounted rate, making them feel good about working in their firms and attracting them to stay. They also receive new ideas, new experiences, and get to mingle with new people who can help them excel in their fields. Education also protects them within the competitive employment world where younger, more skilled workers are entering everyday. But employees are not only the ones who benefit from these educational programs. Companies are likewise positively affected. DeMarco (2005) states that companies who offer professional development programs such as tuition fee reimbursement, tuition fee funding, or tuition fee discounting are more attractive to applicants than those companies who do not have similar programs. In effect, employees are also more likely to stay in these companies and not think of jumping to another firm who does not offer professional development packages. Most importantly, companies improve their stand in the business world when they help their employees develop themselves. Theories change, practices change, and industries change. Employees who continue their education as professionals bring to the company new ideas and skills that are useful for the company to move forward and face growing competition. The article Six Ways to Encourage Employee Development (2007) agrees to this, saying that the best benefit that a company can get on funding their employees’ education is the expertise, which can be cost-effective for the company sooner or later. By helping employees attain professional courses, the company creates a pool of in-house knowledge that is easily accessible for the company at less cost because the company will no longer need to subscribe to outsourcing services. In the end, the company benefits from the lead it can take in terms of market trends. Apprehensions But then again companies may not fully subscribe to the idea of retention through continuing education. Anything can happen, so to speak. Employees can suddenly quit their jobs, switch employers, fail the course, or lose the balance between work and school. Again, strategic planning is the answer. Companies can offer educational funding while protecting their interests on the side. To begin with, firms should know exactly what type of courses should be funded and it follows that these should be courses that will be useful for the operation of the company. The company should also assess their ability to fund the program, and identify if full reimbursement, discounting, or upfront funding will be workable for both the employee and the employer. It is also important to set conditions such as a holding period for the employee after his education has been funded, or a grade requirement to determine the percentages of the funding that may be given. (Establishing a tuition reimbursement program, 2007) This can solve much of the dilemma that a company may have in supporting professional continuing education for their employees. Time Management When a company finally decides to offer funding for the professional continuing education of their employees, the responsibility does not stop in the finances. School can take considerable time and effort from students, especially for adults who have work and familial responsibilities. All three roles can be physically and emotionally demanding, if not draining. On the other hand, it is understandable for companies to expect good results from these studying workers. Besides, they are hired to work for the company so they must perform impressively at work; and they are assisted in their professional education so they should also bring in good grades. But companies should also understand the difficulty of maintaining an everyday balance between work and school life among other things. Thus, it is helpful for companies to offer these studying employees options in handling work, school, and their personal lives. Flexible working hours, telecommuting options, and minor exceptions to work attendance regulations when needed such as during examination periods can do so much for an employee to manage his time. In doing so, the employees are in top shape at work and school, and still have time for his personal responsibilities. It will also then be right for the company to demand good performance from the employee on both aspects. (Establishing a tuition reimbursement program, 2007) An Investment Offering tuition fee funding schemes and time leniency to employees can take a lot of effort from companies, and there are also a lot of risks. However, employers can rest assured that with a strategically planned education plan for their employees, every dollar is well spent. While it is not a requirement for companies to offer such privilege to employees, it helps them build a good reputation and allows them to invest in something that will never fail. Education is a good investment that benefits the employee-students and the company as well. While education can require a large sum of money and patience in the part of employers especially when the studying employee is caught between a school and a work deadline, the company will surely benefit. And as with good investments, the rewards are in the end. References DeMarco,P. 2005. Companies pick up college tab. Retrieved May 9, 2007, from Establishing a tuition reimbursement program. 2007. Retrieved May 9, 2007, from Six ways to encourage employee development. 2007. Retrieved May 9, 2007, from How to cite Developing the Employee, Developing the Company  ¾, Papers

Business Communication for Journal of Strategic Communication

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Communication for Journal of Strategic Communication. Answer: Introduction Business communication over the recent years has proved to be of undeniable importance when it comes to the success of any business entity (Meredith, 2012). Organizations should develop the best strategy that will enable them to communicate effectively with every stakeholder in the organization. This will ensure that the goals of the organization are well communicated and this will motivate the staff to work hard to attain them. This report is written to highlight the use social media in the workplace to communicate in IBM. Discussion There are various resources used, and they include; Digital communication in modern age The website will be very beneficial to the report because it highlights the importance of using digital communication strategies to communicate (Findsome Winmore, 2015). This helps in saving time, and this helps in ensuring that important decisions are made as quick as possible. Employing digital marketing will, therefore, ensure that IBM management can effectively communicate instructions to the subordinates quickly. This resource is reliable because the authors are associated with a reputable organization Findsome Winmore and the information is from an official website. The text is written for anyone with interest in digital communication. The information is explained in a transparent manner. The objective of the text is to explain the importance of digital communication. The website gives the required information and the data is up to date. Importance of digital communication. This is a website which highlights the importance of the use of social media to communicate. The resource states that there are various social media platforms which can be used to communicate (Kenneth, 2015). IBM can choose to use one of the following channels which include Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. This resource is reliable because the author of the magazine is Kenneth Burke and the text is published in a reputable magazine, Text Quest and published in an official website. The text is written for everybody who can read. The texts are also written in a transparent manner to suit the audience. The objectivity of the text is maintained throughout and the information is current and up to date. Social media communication in organizations. This is an academic journal which explains why organizations have opted to use social media to communicate. Social media is being used by many businesses to market their products and also create awareness about their activities (Macnamara, Zerfass, 2012). IBM has embraced social media platforms to market its products and services. This resource is reliable because the authors are Macnamara who is a professor at the University of Technology Sydney and Zerfass associated with the University of Leipzig. The text is published in a peer reviewed journal. The information is written for audience with interest in communication strategies. The text is very clear and transparent and does not deviate from the topic of discussion so as to maintain its objectivity. The information was written in 2012. Social media era. This is an academic journal which has been written to discuss why social media communication cannot be avoided in many organization nowadays (Malthouse, et al, 2013). Many organizations are using social media celebrities to market their products because the celebrities have a huge following which can help the firm increase its sales. Facebook, for instance, has sharing and tagging options which enables information spread easily. This resource is reliable because the academic journal was authored by Malthouse, E. C., Haenlein, M., Skiera, B., Wege, E. and Zhang, M and they are associated with reputable institutions which include Northwestern University. The text is published in a peer reviewed journal which is written for audience with special interests in social media especially in customer relations management. The information is provided in a transparent manner. The text does not contain unnecessary information and it is up to date having been written in 2013. Social media strategies This is an academic journal written to explain how social media channels can be used to enhance good relations in an organization (Guffey, Loewy, 2012). The management can use messaging platforms such as Facebook messenger to issue strict instructions in a friendlier way by the use of emoji and this will ensure there is good relations between management and the subordinates. This resource is reliable because the authors are Guffey and Loewy who are associated with various reputable institutions which include the University of Illinois and many others. The information is published in a peer reviewed journal targeting the audience which has interest in business communication. The text is explained in a transparent way and has maintained its objectivity by being precise and straight to the point. The information provided is current as it was published in 2012. Conclusion. From the various resources discussed above, it is very clear that organizations have to switch to the use of social media to communicate. This is because implementing digital communication has proved to have many benefits which include saving time and resources and also ensuring that organizations can easily communicate instructions to their subordinates. IBM has embraced the use of social media to communicate, and the firm has enjoyed a lot of benefits. References Findsome, Winmore. (2015, September 24). Retrieved from punctuation-day-lets-talk-about-digital-communication/#.Wg7K32eWZ25 Guffey, M. E., Loewy, D. (2012). Essentials of business communication. Cengage Learning. Kenneth, B. (2015, December 7). textrequest . Retrieved from Communication-prevalence-importance/ Macnamara, J., Zerfass, A. (2012). Social media communication in organizations: The challenges of balancing openness, strategy, and management. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 6(4), 287-308. Malthouse, E. C., Haenlein, M., Skiera, B., Wege, E., Zhang, M. (2013). Managing customer relationships in the social media era: introducing the social CRM house. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 27(4), 270-280. Meredith, M. J. (2012). Strategic communication and social media: An MBA course from abusiness communication perspective. Business Communication Quarterly, 75(1), 89-95. communication-prevalence-importance

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Questions: What Are The Ways To Protect The Customers Using Bank Services? What Is The Difference Between The Competition Arrangement Of Hong Kong With That Of The Other Countries Like US, UK, Singapore And Australia? What Are The Flaws In The Provisions Laid Down In HK Towards The Protection Of Customers? What Are The Consideration And Implication Changes Required For The Protection Of Customers? Answers: Introduction There is a view which is held by the Hong Kong Monitory Authority (HKMA) that the cornerstone for the sustainable development of banks is the confidence and trust of the consumers. These concepts promote the stability of banking within the country. To attain and maintain the trust and confidence of the consumers the banks have the responsibility of providing a fair and just treatment to its consumers. One of the initiatives which have been taken by the HKMA in this regard is the credit card reforms. The practice includes the HMKA operating alongside other industries which it provide enhanced credit card experience to the consumers which is provided in Australia, US and UK. The industry announced total of 31 measures which have been implemented duly within the industry. The purpose of this measures is the promotion of fair and reasonable practices in relation to credit card providers. A few of these measures aim to reduce the cost which is borne by the customers in relation to credit cards and also enhance the accounting and disclosure of credit card providers. The implementation of these reforms is set to lift the standard of Hong Kong in relation to good credit card practices up to other countries such as UK, US and Australia. The HKMA has also worked towards development of the Treat Customers Fairly (TCF) Charter for retail banks as well as Treat Customers Fairly Charter for Private Wealth Management Industry which can be applied on private banks. Five high levels TCF principles are incorporated through both charters which have been drawn from good local and oversee practices as well as G20 High-Level Principles on Financial Consumer Protection[1]. However the situation in which the banking industry of Hong Kong is presently is not up to the standards which is provided by some of the other global financial leaders such s Australia, UK and USA. The primary purpose of the research will to be find ways to provide better protection to the consumers of banking product within Hong Kong. Title of the research Assessment of the Effectiveness of Legislative Protection for Financial Product Consumer in Hong Kong as Comparative of Other Major Global Financial Centre and North Asia Counterparts Reasons and concept for research As the problems in relation to issues like increase in bank fee and charge are rising, the demands that the HKMA should be looking to find out ways for the purpose of protecting the bank customers. Research Objectives The objectives of the research To find out ways to protect the customers using bank services To compare the competition arrangement of Hong Kong with that of the other countries like US, UK, Singapore and Australia To identify the flaws in the provisions laid down in HK towards the protection of customers. To identify the consideration and implication changes required for the protection of customers. This section of the research is going to conduct a review of literature in relation to Effectiveness of Legislative Protection for Financial Product Consumer in Hong Kong. The section will also identify the protection framework which is provided to consumers of banking products in the other counties such as United States, United Kingdom and Australia. The section of the paper will also describe the legislative framework in place in Hong Kong for the protection of consumers of banking products. Several journal articles would be analyzed by this section of the research in order to locate the gap between what research is available and what research is required in relation to the topic. Customer protection Consumer protection has been defined by Douglas as the concept of developing trust and confidence of the consumer towards the market and to ensure that organizations do not indulge in activities which would jeopardize the interest of the consumer in order to make personal gains. Therefore the section will look to consider in details the meaning of consumer protection in relation to the financial sector of Hong Kong[2]. Financial Regulation and Banking Consumer Protection The Financial Services Authority is a prudent regulator operating within the UK for the purpose of ensuring protection of consumers in the financial sector. On the other hand in Australia the Australian Securities and investment Commission is an independent regulator which does the same job. However in contract there is no express authority which has been designated for the purpose of protecting consumers within the banking industry. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) provides express mandates in relation to consumer protection in the marketing industry. There are various regulatory objectives which the FSA has and two out of which are related to consumers. They are namely promoting the understanding in relation to the financial system within the consumers and also to secure a reasonable and adequate degree of protection for them. Other services such as promoting education and financial literacy among the consumers are also provided by the regulator. The authority also conducts c ompetition scrutiny in relation to the industry[3]. When it comes to Australia, the country adopts a functional model in relation to financial supervision where different aspects of the market is looked after by different agencies. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is the agency which operates in relation to prudential regulations on the other hand the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and ASIC deal with competition in financial system and consumer protection respectively. Even where the main function of APRA is in relation to ensuring financial safety it is also directed to "balance the objectives of financial safety and efficiency, competition, contestability and competitive neutrality." Irrespective of its other functions the ASIC is also required to ensure compliance in relation to Australian Code of Banking Practice, approving dispute resolution schemes like Ombudsman Scheme, checking customer complaints system, and promoting consumer education. In relation to economy-wide remit the respons ibility of ACCC also extends to ensuring that the financial system is competitive[4]. When it comes to Hong Kong the division of financial supervisory duties is done among different regulators with reference to the financial market which is to be regulated. The primary regulators are the Securities and Futur, es Commission (SFC), the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) and Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). The general function of the HMKA is to "to promote and encourage proper standards of conduct" and "to provide a measure of protection to depositors" in relation to authorized institutions. However the consideration of such functions has to be done in the light of the primary functions of the HKMA that is the promotion of effective working and general stability of the banking system. Therefore as the primary functions of HKMA are in relation to macro issue towards the functioning of the banking system, its formal powers in relation to the banking ordinances cannot be said to be suited towards consumer matters. There are others means through which the HMK A is well equipped such as moral suasion, encouraging compliance to the Code of Banking Practice and handling of customer complaints which may be to an extent effective in relation to consumer affairs[5]. Self-regulation by way of Codes of Banking Practice Moreover apart from the official regulations provided by the regulator, self regulations imposed by the industries plays a important role in the consumer education and protection through setting up a minimum standard in relation to market conduct. Voluntary codes of banking practices sponsored or issued through the industry association have been formulate by all the three countries[6]. Although there may be variation in relation to the exact content, the scope of such codes usually covers disclosure requirements, account operation, dispute resolution and principles of conduct. However irrespective of other differences the effectiveness and from of compliance monitoring may vary. Both the Australian and UK codes mandated that the subscribers must incorporate internal procedures in order to handle customer complaints which have to comply with certain standards. Moreover the members have to be a part of an external dispute resolution mechanism like Ombudsman scheme for customers future recourse[7]. Summary Thus through the section the researcher will establish the shortcoming of the system which operates within Hong Kong in relation to the protection of the consumers as compared to that of the regulations which have been imposed on the banking sectors of countries like UK and Australia. The gap which has been identified by the researcher in relation to the research will be attempted to be closed by him while conducting this research Black-letter approach in doctrinal research For the purpose of conducting the research the researcher is going to adopt the Black-letter approach in doctrinal research. This method will be selected by the researcher through taking into consideration the topic of the research. The researcher will also taken into consideration the amount of resources and time which the researcher is willing to allocate in relation to the research. The 'black letter' project-management is the most traditional approach in relation to a law research. The method takes its name through the tendency of legalistic approaches of concentrating only on the 'letter of the law'. Through this method the researcher will reduce the topic of law to a mandatory descriptive analysis of several co-ordinate and technical legal rules which are found through primary sources. The primary objective why which the researcher will use this approach in relation to the research is to organize, collate and describe legal rules as well as provide commentary on the significanc e and emergence of authoritative legal sources through which consideration of rules on relation case laws is done for identifying an underlying system. The selected methodology mandates the researcher to give meaning to a cases based on the fact that its forms a system of inter-related rules instead of a stand alone decision[8]. Comparative approaches The researcher is going to have a comparative approach in relation to the research. Through this approach the researcher would be able to compare and contrast the legislative framework of Honk Kong in relation to consumer protection with the legislative framework of the other countries such as Australia and UK. The approach is usually adopted when the aim of the researcher is to find out the short coming of a system and r=make recommendations in relation to the topic[9]. Ethics application While collecting data in relation to the research which is going to be both secondary and primary in nature the researcher is going to comply with the provisions of the data protection legislation. The data collected in relation to the research is going to be kept confidential and would not be disclosed without permission. The researcher will acknowledge all sources which have been used for the purpose of conducting this research[10]. Other provisional chapters The research will have a discussion section where the results which have been obtained in relation to the research will be analyzed the researcher. The research will also include the chapters of recommendation and conclusion where the result obtained through the research will be stated. References Arner, Douglas W., et al. 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